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...Changing of the Seasons, Changing of the Guard

Nothing else guards our being like seasons. Seasons come and go – spring, summer, autumn, winter. A vicious constant cycle that reminds me that life passes ever so quickly. Our being is ruled by seasons. Something happens in that duration of time. To every thing there is a season, a time and purpose under heaven.

Balancing this crazy thing we call life can be a bit overwhelming. Cramming 25 hour days into 24 with no time to spare takes its toll on one’s sanity. We live in a day and age where everything is “NOW”- Fast cars, fast food, instant oatmeal, T-1 connections, microwavable meals, and antiques made while-u-wait. And on top of this, why aint my flowers blooming?! Where does this sanity end?!

Our existence is defined by either French Roast, Italian, House Blend or Sumatra. (I personally run best on some high octane Sumatra myself.) We snort coffee grinds in the morning. We run out of our doors still attached to our IV of coffee. (Coffee will be in a future featured article. I promise.) I go thru withdrawals if caffeine is not in my system. No joke.

Within this terrible din of speed and haste, we lose focus on those things that are important. We lose sight on what has value, and trade our time in for the illusion of something important.

Time is the most important asset that we have. That being said, take a chill pill homies, slow down, smell the roses. Grab some coffee (YEAH), sit, stay a while and enjoy your stay here at The Buffed Garden.

As I work in my garden I get away from all of the ruckus of the mundane monotonous existence and enter in to a world of creativity all my own. Gardening provides a balance and a connection with the land and earth around me. I drift off in a world all my own. I love to watch things grow under my care and at the same time, I am always reminded that everything has its season.

Gardening. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my anger management. It’s where I get down to earth. Literally.

Gardening. It’s a lesson in patience. It’s a lesson in life.

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