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all NON GARDEN & PLANT photos. I know - but this stuff is too cool to be left out of this website!

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Yard Photos
In July of 2006, I moved from SF back to my hometown of Pacifica, CA. One gardening chapter ends, and yet another begins.
[welcome to my YARD - Pacifica/CA]
Patio Photos
Photos from 2004-2006 of my patio garden.
[welcome to my patio - SF/CA]
Amazing as it seems, I was able to grow a pretty neat jungle on my patio. All this, without a hose!
Mixed dahlia photos from 2004-present
Cacti and Succulents
Watch Out! They'll poke you if you aren't careful!

 [photos from my various garden travels and plant explorations]    [top]
A visit to Phil Faulisi's place!
[June 2009- Morgan Hill, CA]

06.20.09 - A visit to Phil Faulisis' place yet again! As always ... amazing. Phil - thanks again dude.

A visit to Phil Faulisi's place!
[September 2008 - Morgan Hill, CA]

9.12.08 - A visit to Phil Faulisis' place once again. I am always amazed and left speechles with every visit. Thank you once again Phil!!

A visit to Phil Faulisi's place!
[May 2008 - Morgan Hill, CA]

5.23.08 - What an honor and privilege to visit the lengendary Phil Faulisi! Phil - Thank you for everything!

[Sept. 2007 - SF, CA]

9.22.07 - Location: St. Anne's Church @ 850 Judah, SF. Separate albums inside for winners of each class.
Special thanks to the BACPS for the opportunity to photograph the event.

Support the BACPS!

Lois Ochs - Raccoon Ridge Nursery
[Sept. 2007 - Penngrove, CA]- A visit to Lois's! What a great birthday! Special thanks to Lois Ochs
AND also to my wonderful wife and children!
Oudeans Willow Creek Nursery
[July 2007 - Snohomish, WA]

Oudeans Willow Creek Nursery - revisited!. Special thanks, once again to Karen Oudean.

The Savage Garden - Revisited
[July 2007 - Sebastopol, CA]
To the Savage Garden once again! A trip to CC with my Lolo (grandfather) and Josh.

[Visit Peter's website!]

A visit to The Savage Garden
[June 2007 - Sebastopol, CA]

My early fathers day present from my wife and kids!(Thanks Hon!) & special thanks to Peter "D'a-Man" D'amato, Lois, and Rhi!
[Visit Peter's website!]
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show [March 2006 - SF, CA]  
Bamboo Quest
[February 2006 - Santa Cruz, CA]

My trip to Santa Cruz and Ben Lomond in search of bamboo. Special thanks to Tim Hicks (Bamboo Master Dude) and Mel Dion.

Oudeans Willow Creek Nursery
[July 2005 - Snohomish, WA]

Behold the beauty of the carnivore. Special thanks to Karen Oudean.

Mount Rainier
[July 2005 - Washington]
Hiking photos from Mount Rainier. Witness the majestic mountain fields of wild flowers!
Bamboo Sourcery
[June 2005 -Sebastopol, CA]

Their "buffed bamboo" will enchant you! 
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show [March 2005 - SF, CA]  
[April - 2004]

 [family and friends sharing images of their plants, gardens, and travels]    [top]
Herman and Karen Weeger  
Kimberly Dalton
Images from Japan
Photos courtesy of Kimberly Dalton
Jacob Farin and Jeff Dallas
Images courtesy of
Located in Eagle Creek, Oregon
Rod Pasion
Hidden away in the mountains of Santa Cruz is Rod's little piece of heaven.
Patricia Elliot
Behold the beauty that is Alaska. Photos courtesy of Patricia Elliot members of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Ski Team
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