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[Links are really listed in no particular order. I just like the random spontaneity of it all.]

 [Resources and references.]    [top]

The "dopest, illest, sickest, off-the-heezey-fo-sheezy" gardening web site out there.
American Dahlia Society
The website of the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society
Online Plant Encyclopedia

Online Plant Encyclopedia
Yeah. You better know your gardening.
Home and Garden TV - get some ideas for your home and garden.
Do It Yourself! Ideas for Home and Garden!

Get all of your FAQ's answered about carnivorous plants! - Thanks to the dudes at for making this possible.

Nifty site about Carnivorous plants, this dude has some awesome photos here too.
The Carnivorous Plant Gallery.

Institute for Aloe Studies
An expansive bromeliad photo index.
Friends of the Urban Forest. Very Friendly. To urban forests.

Let's go to the mall. The Cacti Mall!!
Help for your bonsai.
Bonsai Society of San Francisco.
Mitch's carnivores, simply put.
Why you should container Garden.
An online garden society.
 [Shop till you drop.]    [top]
Sarracenia Northwest - specializing in carnivorous plants. They are an awesome resource for your CP needs. Be sure to buy the CP E-book as well, state of the art CP reference. (Some photos from my CP garden can also be found in the E-book as well...)
Cooks Carnivorous Plants. HUGE monster selection.
California Carnivores, Sebastapol, CA
Check out some of the sundews here. Chuck lists some VERY hard to find and extremely rare sundews. Additionally, you can bid on his stuff at his ebay store!
Email this bamboo dude - Tim Hicks for bamboo! Located in Santa Cruz, CA -- great prices, EXCELLENT service! Email him for more info, and it's by appointment only.
Bamboo supplier in Sebastopol. Good selection.
Poots Cacti - I bought some stuff from them in the 2006 SF Garden Show.
Online directory of greenhouse suppliers.
Gardening supplies, find it here!

 [Family and friends sites that I would like to share - not neccarily plant related.]    [top]
My wife's scrapbook page displaying a gallery of her awesome creativity! (WOW!)
Obsession. Desire. This is PASSION. Actually -- just JJ! Stop by and listen. Gea. - LSTC Homies. LSTC.
Josh's online galleries
JR Quevedo's photos
Denny Wu's photos
Patricia Elliot - A challenge of a lifetime...
Kimberly Dalton is... Lost in Japan. Shoot. I just get lost in the photos! Be sure to check out some of her photos. Awesome stuff!

Leonards site about Spam and Rice! It's a bit outdated, but still worth mentioning! Don't forget the Jufran.

 [Random non-plant related, but still pretty tight stuff.]    [top]

Virtual tour of Seattle, WA
Henry's House of Coffee located on Noriega Street, SF.
OH. You just gotta LOVE that LUMPIA! (THE MOVIE!)

DISCLAIMER: [Fine print stuff, so get your bi-focals.] Views expressed in these listed sites do not neccesarily reflect the views of The Buffed Garden™, or The Buffed Garden™ fanclub. Or, maybe it might. If your site is not listed on here, that's because: 1.) It' s not appropriate for this site, or 2.) It ain't cool enough, or 3.) I don't like you, or 4.) I just don't know about it yet. (Or combination of any of the previously mentioned.) If you think you may want your site featured on here, drop me a line, and I might think about it... In listing these sites, The Buffed Garden™ claims no responsibilty for the content provided within those certain websites. If you're site is listed on here, and you would like me to remove it, well thats just too bad. Just kidding, just email me @ and again, I will "think" about pruning it off - like a bonsai tree. Otherwise, get out there and go plant something (legal). HAH! I just thought I would throw that in there. [top]

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