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Garden reflections. Welcome to my garden journal.

Life. Repotted. - Life's hourglass has again turned and another season of change is upon me. For the past few years I have lived in this great city of San Francisco and I have grown much here. I have grown in love with this city, I have grown to love what was my patio garden, and I have grown to love my family deeper every day. [read more]

Seasons - Nothing else guards our being like seasons. Seasons come and go – spring, summer, autumn, winter. A vicious constant cycle that reminds me that life passes ever so quickly. Our being is ruled by seasons. Something happens in that duration of time... [read more]

Bamboo Quest 02-06 - [Santa Cruz, CA] The aroma of Seattle’s Best Coffee began to fill the condo as I was printing up directions to find Tim’s place. This was the start to a wonderful day. This was my bamboo excursion for Feb 2006. The air was crisp and cold and filled with great expectation -- with great anticipation. [read more]

Oudean's Willow Creek Nursery 07-05 - [Snohomish, WA] - Seattle has to be up there on my list of favorite cities. It reminds me so much of San Francisco. Fortunately my wife and I went to Seattle during the only 2 weeks out of the year that it doesn’t rain there. [read more]

Carnivores -
Within the melody of my garden is the unique sound created by some uncanny “instruments”. There are golden trumpets rising from the swamp, laced with seductive and deadly intoxicating elixir. The venus flytraps add to this wild untamed garden with their sharp staccatos. The glisten of the sundews add a deadly sticky brightness to this savage garden. Contained in this crescendo of fatal colors and intoxicating nectars, lies an extraordinary phenomenon that literally holds a captive audience. [read more]


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