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[simply put: a pretty dope website about gardening]
The Buffed Garden is an ever evolving "e-scape" on the world wide web. While others may have "their space" - this is my garden. This site is about the passion I have for gardening, the love I have in watching plants thrive under my care, the fascination that imprisons me with landscapes, the awe that captures me when I try to comprehend the beauty, majesty, and wonder of the kingdom plantae -- and well, dude - I guess I just like plants.

But, "WHY The 'BUFFED' Garden?" you may ask. Hey, well, at least it ain't the *buffed gardener* cuz, you know -- that's just plain FREAKY mang. Now, The "BUFFED" garden ... that's something you don't hear everyday. It kind of just sticks, don't it? [Definition - BUFFED: adj (slang)- having good muscle tone; physically fit and trim.] So, all you plant lovers out there, whether you're into mosses or maples, bonsai or bamboo, carnations or carnivores - [FLEX YOUR GARDEN].

This website is for those who love to garden, and even those who don't. Even if you don't know anything about plants, I hope that this website will inspire you as I share my passion for gardening.

Now get out there and plant something.

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